Welcome to Wind-Scoops, hatch and cabin ventilation for yachts and boats.

Do you have a yacht or boat in the sun?

If so, you need cabin ventilation to get that cooling breeze below decks.


Put an end to sleepless nights down below when it's too hot. Imagine a cool breeze wafting through the cabin.


We've all been there, when your boat is not head to wind, you're moored up in a marina or bow to stern on river pilings and the wind changes direction, you have to keep changing the position of your windscoop, well not anymore!


The Sea-Breaze windscoop will provide boat ventilation below decks, creating a cooling breeze whichever direction the wind is coming from.


The Sea-Breaze windscoop is easy to fit with no frames or battens and no need to move it if the wind changes direction. It comes with its own little storage bag, fitting instructions and velcro tabs for you to attach it to your boat. All you need is a handy boom/halyard to hang it from.


The Sea-Breaze windscoop is a registered design, made in the UK with top quality rip-stop nylon.


Available in a choice of colours, white with either blue, green, red, yellow or burgundy. Buy one now and see for yourself how effectively it provides ventilation for your boat!